Curekids Swapathon

Curekids Swapathon

I don’t want your money, I just want to swap something. If you want the item you see in the below post then swap something of yours with me, you can free some space in your home and help CureKids at the same time. WIN WIN!!

I’m running this swapathon till the end of June in the hope we can keep swapping better and better items and end up with a fantastic amazing item that we can auction off at our Annual Cure Kids Quiz night at memorial hall (27th July 2018)

A swap will happen every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. To get involved simply post what you would like to swap with an image of your item. Pick up will be at Novotel Queenstown Hotel located on Earle street in town (see Jennifer Hughes)

I’m starting this Swapathon with a practical item, so leave your phones down stairs people and get an alarm clock. It has many functions. Tells you the time, wakes you up in the morning, has a radio, Bluetooth, 2 USB connections, it’s stylish black and silver colour will look beautiful on any bed side table.

What have you got for me Queenstown…

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